Sunday, August 1, 2010


How would you like to get all of your blog content in one nice reader??? Wouldn't it be nice if you did not have to surf the web going from blog to blog to get the content that you would like to read. We think that you should have this ability as well as going to a blog--should you choose.

You should not have to leave your desktop to view any blog--should you choose not to. Yes, you should have this choice. For our feed we are recommending that you utilize FeedDemon. It is a free and safe RSS reader that also doubles as an internet browser.

We have noticed that pulling feeds with other readers does not give you the content experience we wish for you to have. Readers like Google Reader do not render out text format correctly because of a Google Blogger glitch. We have experienced vanishing text in certain portions of our blog when using readers. The difference with FeedDemon is that it allows you to highlight the vanishing portion of text so that it will display properly. This is a temporary workaround as we make an attempt to contact Google regarding their text rendering issues. Not only does FeedDemon do that--it allows you to scroll through any of the PDF documents embedded in any blog entry which we publish so that you are not short changed by using a feed method.

We would like for our readers to be able to access the entire content of our blog. We could utilize simple RSS and not grant our readers any access to the PDF and research documents contained in many blogs. We will not do this. Just because you are not on our blog does not mean that you should have to experience any less of a presentation with respect to the content and the quality of information provided if you utilize an RSS service.

Below is a simple help file that is very easy to understand regarding how to set up a simple feed using FeedDemon. This is a one time only thing; moreover, once this is set--forget it! You can subscribe to many different blogs and websites via RSS Feeds. This is a way to minimize the internet surfing you are doing to get the content you have grown to love. Please view the information below regarding configuring your feeds using FeedDemon:


Here is a transcript of the screenshot:

Feeds and Folders

A feed is a source of news items. For example, the RSS feed of the New York Times contains news items about the latest stories. Feeds are listed in the feed bar, which is the left panel in FeedDemon.

Folders are used to organize feeds into categories. For example, the "Entertainment" folder contains feeds related to music, TV and movies.

- To add a feed: Click the Subscribe toolbutton to display the subscription wizard. Next, enter the address (URL) of the feed and follow the instructions on the wizard. If you don't know the feed's address, enter the address of the web site and FeedDemon will attempt to auto-discover the feed.

- To add a folder: Select File > New Folder.

- To move a feed to another folder: Select Edit > Move Feed, or just drag-and-drop it to the desired folder.

- To remove a feed: Right-click the feed and choose Unsubscribe.


Step One: We suggest that if you are interested in utilizing FeedDemon that you go to the URL below first and install it. Then follow the additional directions after the URL below to set up your feeds.


Step Two: If you are utilizing an RSS reader this means you are getting a feed version of my blog instead of a full version. This is a reasonable accommodation and it was not hard to do at all. So now those that do not prefer the design of the blog or the additional time it takes to load the document--you have another option.

*Enjoy you may access this feed in your web browser/reader by using the X1 Blogger Feed Burner Easy Loading Option Symbol link as well as the URL below :
X1 Blogger Feed Burner Easy Loading Option Symbol

At this time we are recommending FeedDemon as our reader of choice so that you will be able to access the full and rich content of our blog:


Feedonly Version X1 Blogger Embrace It!

Hello if you are here that means that you have an issue with loading my blog.  My blog has been tested by several people to see what the various load times are and now this is what we have as a solution for those with slower machines.

This means you are getting a feed version of my blog instead of a full version.  This is a reasonable accommodation and it was not hard to do at all.  So now those that do not prefer the design of the blog or the additional time it takes to load the documents have an option.

*Enjoy you may access this feed in your web browser by using the following URL: 


Saturday, July 31, 2010

X1 Blogger Feedburner & Other Options

I have tested that blog on a Intel Centrino running @ 1.73GHZ with 1.5Gigs of ram OS Windows XP . I must state that at this time I have no intention of changing my blog in any capacity. On this machine the blog took longer to load due to the specs.

My blog has people that like it the way it is--as well as me; therefore, I am not going to change a thing. What I will do to accommodate other people in a reasonable way that have had issues with the
load time. I have created a feed only version of my blog and this
is the best I can do.

There are 5 ways to access my blog however I will give you the most non-load intensive:

Best: *Option #1: Direct Feedburner URL:

For me this is the best option and you can access it by going to my blog and you will see the subscription symbol directly at the top after the page loads. In this mode you will be able to view all of the documents and videos included in that particular blog entry! So go with option number one trust me on this! You will just not see other pages in the X1 Blog and additional addons. Really you are not missing the content this is what I like most about Feedburner!:)

Better:*Option #2: Reach Feedburner via the X1 BLOGGER FEED ONLY
Blog the subscripton button is there as well along with a message regarding how to access Feedburner. Please note that the only reason for this blog is to access Feedbuner in a lessor load intensive environment. This is not an active blog and its only purpose is to transport people to the Feedburner Options. You may also optionally reach the actual blog via the box feed gadget there.**Here is the URL to that option below:

Better Than Nothing:*Option #3: Access the notes section on this page by clicking the arrow signs as the blog is also imported to the notes of this page. The feed only version will only contain the words and none of the extra addons on the regular for the people that don't really want the additional content or the music or the research. Moreover, this option will just grant you the words and a few images. Most of all if you don't like to leave FB often this is an option for you. Please understand that the incoming feed is dependent upon FB! So things may be updated on the blog and not in the notes section until FB Updates them.

I have researched multiple machines and environments and to my satisfaction in each instance the blog loaded up correctly--it just took a moment. As I have stated I have given you details regarding the machine specs and the load times which are approximate. I think this took everyone into consideration and this provides an overall well rounded solution.